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Did you guys get the XP for the livestream yet?

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Did any Jimmy here get their XP for the livestream yet?

Also - general XP comparison thread.


  • I haven't yet, but there's a bunch of us (if not all) who haven't who were there for some/all of the stream. In another forum-post similar to this one in regards to stream rewards for this week, Nisovin said: "All rewards for the campaign will be distributed sometime after the show. In the future I think it should be done fairly quickly, but for this first time I can't guarantee any particular time frame. "Soon!" - Can understand why the first week might be slow, since it's a new thing they're doing and there'll be things that break.
  • Not yet. Should receive sometime this week I believe. Also I missed some of the donation events from the first encounter so I'm not going to get as much. fbm.
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    @tak4n You should get all the rewards, since I think that the XP isn't accumulative for how long you were there or what events you were there for. I'm pretty sure the donation events mentioned something about everyone getting the XP, not just those who witnessed and/or donated for said events. Edit: This doesn't include those who didn't watch the stream though, just to clarify.
  • Rob said nisovin was working and should be done before the next campaign 
  • nope, not yet
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    @UnluckyBimi It could possibly include people who didn't watch the stream though, don't forget that donators get the same benefit as if though they had watched the stream, even if they didn't actually watch the stream. Or at least that's how I interpreted both what Rob said and the little xp descriptions underneath the donation descriptions. 
    Edit: Clarification
  • Not yet, but it'll happen any day now.

    When it does happen, I think I'll be level 6, I think...
  • @Mackattack Oh yeah, I forgot about non-stream watching donators. - But yeah, I've already put the Nisovin quote down that gives us the need-to-know of "Dunno when, but soon-ish".
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