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Society of the Undying Souls -- Character Prompt (I guess? I really just need help with lore.)

The Society of the Undying Souls. An ancient organization that started just after the Birth of Magic, "founded" by a Kobold Paladin famous for using Ice Magic named Brogun Borealis. The order was originally a small army, the order went out on a mission to uncover a mystery lost in time. Once they got there a powerful divine was angered by their presence and Cursed them. They were to live forever unable to die, but each's immortality was different some suffered a more terrible fate then others. They kept the existence of their society a secret from all mortals and only those who are cursed and a member of the society knows of it's existence. Each person generally have their own reason for continuing on and members of the council have banded together to keep the realms safe from those of the society have gone rogue. Some do it for the purity of their heart or they are biding their time for when they themselves are powerful enough to go rogue. The member's curses generally allow them to roam free, however every now and then there are members who were so terribly unlucky that something has locked them away and consumed them. Some examples of members and their curses are...

Brogun Borealis: After angering the divine he was frozen in a block of ice, living, he was captured as a prize for the divine cursed to stay in his icey shackles for all of time.

The Announcer: A man who was obsessed with Believers and their magic. He was turned into a book and magically fused with a Believer, so that when he died he would turn into the purple Believer smoke only to be instantly put back into his book.

Calico Jones: An angry Gnomish Buccaneer who assisted the order on their original journey in exchange for wealth. Him and his crew were killed only to be resurrected as immortal ghosts cursed to forever haunt the many, or singular, seas.

Wallace Memorian: An elven wizard famous for his coining of memory magics, allowing him to manipulate or erase the minds of others. Because of this he was cursed to live on in memories, he is an astral projection of everyone's memories. Technically he may carry on as normal as if he was any other mortal, but the only way he could ever die is if everyone in the realms completely forgot of his existence. Unfortunately his mind has been corrupted and warped not remembering many things, like how to erase memories.

Amos Maren: A Keen Dreamweaver who used to walk the realms in order to purify the dreams of all the people he met. He was a folk tale, truly, a wandering man with pure goodness in his heart helping all the dreamers of the world. After his run in with "the divine" he was cursed with Immortality to forever live in the Dreamworld, a sort of bizarre world. Whenever he would come within a distance of a person in the real world, while he was in the Dreamworld, they would fall asleep and see Amos. Normally this would be a great thing! But Amos' mind has been warped and angered, no longer giving dreams... but nightmares, and that's a whole hell of a lot more deadly.

And many more. 

Here is your challenge, make a member of the Society of the Undying Souls. You don't have to adhere to normal character creation rules, anything goes, even making your own cards and classes. I need you to describe what their immortal curse is and how it relates to their backstory. Depending on what I like I may make an entire campaign around them for a giant expansion for the Society of the Undying Souls that has a campaign, hopefully, for each of the members.

Also sorry for all the ambiguity with the whole "The divine" and "the mystery" and so forth but if I'm making campaigns on all these things I probably shouldn't spoil it before the first one is even out yet. Which speaking of which stars the Announcer and his Believer Fight Club. Just gotta finish the map and edit one encounter, so maybe hype?


  • larance
    best character
  • Genwarr Kallencall (pronounced Gen-Warr Kal-len-Call) : An elf who, after The Birth of Magic, wanted to exercise his magical prowess and joined The Society of the Undying Souls in order to gain more power. He wished to elevate himself to the position of a divine being by accumulating enough magical power in order to feel the utopia that he lost. He had always been jealous of the dragons who ruled the elven people, but had no way of escaping their control until now. For his punishment he was cursed to live trapped in a magical cave in the form of a mute arcane dragon forced to guard a book of legendary magic created by the Dragon Aspect Quintarra Lotus. He hates being trapped in the form of those he hated in his youth and his inability to cast the magic he so sought after. 
  • Seriac_hatezen

    Hatezen was one of the founding members of the society; and as so he was given a horrible curse. He was one of their greatest warriors, so they locked him into eternal combat. Foe after Foe he would face, on an endless loop of nonstop combat. If he won, he fought again. If he was killed, he was resurrected the following day. At this point his body fights almost automatically. He craves death. It's all he wants. The worst part of his curse is that each time he is defeated, he gets even stronger. Less and less are able to defeat him. eventually none will. 

  • whenever they fail a deathroll they no roll bonus action cast the legendary spell final gift.
  • Farley_The_Living_Mountain

    Before his curse Farley was already an unstoppable force. Massive beyond even the largest of Porcs yet still with the keenest of minds. He was a long time member of the society Smithing their weapons and armor and rumbling across the land in his search for "The Mystery." He loved nature and the land and severely punished those who trespassed or defiled it. He was never cruel. Simple effcient and overwhelming to those who he perceived deserved his punishment.

    His curse finds him confined to the sea. Shuffling forever across the bottom of the Drink. A massive whirlpool raises above him wherever he goes. A well known obstacle to sailors known as the Eye of Yvander. The Ageless of Deadlantis know better than to associate the shuffling storm with the Dragon aspect of Ice. Swirling sands billow around Farley forever blinding him to the wider world but he will not give up in his search for "The Mystery." They call his path the Footsteps of Rokesh, and many who worship the aspect believe it a holy place.
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    Mind if I send some more over time? Is quite fun making legendary characters as well.  Oh also his stamina at the moment was 774 Woo companion passives.
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    Delatus Stone was an unbreakablw law enforcer, hard and as immovable as stone. He was unmoving in his convictions and beliefs, he Joined the Undying souls as he saw the long myster for it's purpose in apprehending wrongdoers. 

    When cursed, he turned to solid stone. He could barley move. His cells were immmortal. He could not speak, for his tongue as well was rock. 

    He was immovable as he was in life, and the Undying Souls, for all their power, could not move him. 

    He remained trapped on that mountain for an immense passage of time. Slowly, he enchated his stone with earth magic. He learnt to push himself  by summoning wind. (his move is a modified tailwind which just uses up his move action and focuses on himself) and by chanting his tongue and eyes with earth magic, he could move them again. 

    He enchanted all of himself with earth magic, but while he still could not move, he could escape. even longer it took, climbing down the mountain, immortal and innattackable, but with an iron will he managed it. He had time to get with his spirit, and he magnified his stone by blooming, and swifty attacked the wall with Seven Sided Strike. It did not crumble. Sandbagging the wall, it did not crumble. Until he trampled the wall down, such was the strength of his body. 

    He fell down the mountain, but there was no scratch on him. He was truly immortal. However constantly enchanting his stonified body is a constant drain of his energy, so when he is defeated he returns to his full stone form. 

    He can only die when his inner spirit is attacked as his physical body is immortal. 

    Now he roams the world, and apprehends wrongdoers as he did in life, only - he is more flexible than before. He lets criminals go free if what they did was truly right, even helpign them. Tales of him reached the Undying Souls, and old friends were reunited, although he was immensly bitter that they abandoned him, he saw their aims as noble enough and their intel as valuable enough he joined their cause. 
  • Zvhdjr rjtutnf was the last living beenu, be lived long enough for the elves to discover the dragon silver of golestandt. he joined the mostly kobold order as he thought the kobolds were fun to be around. But he the curse he would be forced to live long enough to see all other Races die off. Eventually he will be left alone forever.
    also every 5 minutes a needle pokes his balls.
  • Lucia_Dawnstone

    Lucia believed deep down in her heart that even goblins had valuable lives. As her party brutally slayed a goblin homestead she snapped and went against her allies. Catching them by surprise, she ended up killing them all.

    The divine did not appreciate this. If Lucia loved goblins so much more than her own kind then she was fit to become one. Stricken down by arcane energy her body was warped and broken until she became indistinguishable from a Goblin herself. Adding insult to injury, since she valued life so much she was cursed to regenerate fully within a day no matter how brutally killed she was.

    This went on for ages. She discovered that goblins had evil within them over and over again and was kicked out of several nests. In a desperate plea she begged to the divine to end her suffering. Hearing her prayer, a mischievous divine offered her a deal. Her soul, for a shardofperversion that could let her take the body of someone else.

    In her moment of weakness she accepted the deal. She lost her ability to cast light magic. She had lost her body. She had lost her life multiple times. And after that deal she lost the spells that her family had taught her. What right did she have to take someone elses life at that point?

  • Tilny

    Tilny was a young gnome, of course created after the Birth of Magic. As a child, Tilny loved to play in the woods and he would often go exploring by himself, away from his family. He would continue day after day, without really trying to find any one thing because he simply loved all of nature. Well he loved all nature except beetles. One time when he was eating his lunch, a beetle landed on his food and he almost ate it and passed out. After that experience, Tilny had a deep fear of beetles. One day while exploring, he came upon a single gold piece. And since his family was poor, he had never seen gold before, and when he found out everything he could do with the gold, he became nearly obsessed with it. Whenever he obtained more gold, he would drop it off in his mom's bagofholding and though he had obtained a lot throughout his travels, he never spent a single gold. He used to travel the world with his musician act, stealing from other and simply adding more and more to his hoard. He also explored many dungeons and hidden ruins to steal as much gold as he could. He crafted some of his gold into a shield and armor so it can always be near him. He obsession carried him and he thought of nothing other than money. He joined the Society of Undying Souls in hope of them leading him to more treasure that he could steal, but he had no plans on staying with him. hearing of this mystery "lost in time" made him interested and he actually snuck over there first to find the treasure before any of the others, but in his obsession he accidentally made his presence known to the divine that was sleeping there, and the divine was awoken and cursed him. Tilny never found out what happened to the others of the Society, but he didn't care because he was cursed and he fell into a deep insanity. Tilny was never allowed to see gold ever again in his life. This might not sound like it is that bad, but it gets worse. Tilny not only is unable to see gold, but he sees gold as beetles, and Tilny HATES beetles, so whenever he sees gold he runs screaming from it. Tilny now explores the world, hoping to find some gold again, but he sees none, and he also gave away all the gold he used to carry long ago because he was so afraid of the beetles hiding in his bags. 
  • @Minion Of course :D Post as many as you want!
  • I feel a little cheaty making my character the actual first to be cursed, but eh whatever :peace: 
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    Huh. Weird. This one could have been made as a totally legit character. Remade an NPC that I've used in Pathfinder a bit. The_Messenger

    Talking Game mechanics for a bit. The Messenger is all about being underestimated and then breaking out wacky amounts of battlefield control. Let's break the game a bit and say that That limited Gem on Earthquake? Yeah, that's not there.

    He is extremely patient with people and actually quite helpful. His chest is filled with useful and helpful things, and everyone gets one. Almost anything you can think of he'll just give away. He has no need for it. He's immortal after all, and he has acquired an amazing amount of possessions in his Chest(Mimic) over the millennia of begging. Everybody gets one request or he simply decides for them based on what they have told him of their situation. After that he says that he can't hold their hand through life and they must learn to stand on their own.

    The Messenger is a staple of Stantion. He has stood beneath the statue of the old king begging for as long as anyone can remember. Even the elves of the town marvel at the Dwarf's longevity. He could live the most noble of lives with the amount of coin he has acquired over the years, but his curse keeps him standing beneath the statue as he has been cursed with unlimited patience. He could travel the world and may if he ever decides that the recipient of his message will never come. (Or the message which is a pendant that he keeps at the very top of his chest, is ever stolen by a enterprising gang of thieves.)

    The Messenger is a completely shaved dwarf. Some members of the Undying Souls believe this is part of his Curse, but if you visit him early in the morning you may catch him shaving with a straight razor. He believes himself disgraced and thus undeserving of a fine Dwarven beard. 

    Edit. I completely forgot that his Heavy Mace with five range is actually a ball and chain that is wrapped around his forearm. The head hangs low and drags along the ground as he moves.

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    Neigal Claw o become the best mage right after the birth of magic. He locked himself in a room and studied magic and trying to became a master of every element. He cut of all contact with the outside world and solely focused on becoming master of magic. Becoming am aster of every element is extremely changeling and eventually did, but it changed him. He became obsessed with his magic and talked to his spell as if they where part of him. This may be due to all he time he spent alone trying to master his spells. Once he came out of studying the world around him looked different. There where new races, new orders and new towns. The world looked completely different the an it did  when Neigal went to study. He was sacred of this new world because there was so much he did not know. After this he decided that the only course of action was to continue trying to become the most powerful mage. 

    He ended up finding The Society of the Undying Souls because he believed that the artifact the the society was looking for the key to him becoming more powerful. He was out on a mission when he was cursed. His curse was as long as he continues to cast magic, he shall never grow old, get sick or die. Neigal saw this as an opportunity more than a curse. It gave him all of time to become the most powerful spell caster to ever be. But there was another part to this curse, Neigal was not able to his magic skills any further. He was doomed to spend eternity fruitlessly studying magic in the hopes of one day becoming the mage there ever was.
  • @pitpatgoblin  uhh never growing old or dying? thats it? I mean I would LOVE to simply be immortal... Also don't know if you are a Fire Emblem fan but your name sounds vaguely similar to Nergal, the final boss of FE7 haha
  • @TinyBomby My idea for tha was he could never die but he was also not able to get any better at magic. He would spend eternity studying magic but never getting an better at it. I don't think i got hat across so I am going to go back and re-write that part. I am so not a Fire Emblem fan so it was just a coincidence lol 
  • Ahh that makes a lot more sense. That is really creative then, well done haha
  • Ajatar_The_Eternal

    Ajatar wasn't a sadistic person from the beggining. As a child he was tortured by his parents constantly, both phisically and spiritually, until one night, when he saw the opportunity and killed them both, cutting up and burning their bodies afterwards. But his wish for revenge was stronger. He wanted to kill anyone that could've stopped his parents but didn't. He became a great warrior and joined The Society to get more powerful. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Society, he only joined to get a chance at becoming so powerful he could kill a divine. So he hid his true intents until he could get that chance. But when he finally got it, he wasn't ready. The divine then saw his anger and his wish for blood and cursed him to never be able to harm someone directly, and granted him immortality, so that he couldn't even hurt himself. This was incredibly depressing for Ajatar, as his life didn't make sense anymore. So he went in isolation in a cave for a long time.

    Even after centuries of isolation, his body stayed the same. Nothing changed... not until he saw his first Ageless. During an invasion of a nearby town, a horde of Ageless entered the cave he was in and found him. He wasn't scared, he knew he couldn't die, and being turned into an Ageless wouldn't change nothing for him. But when they saw him, they froze. They just stood in front of him. At some point he told them to go away, so they did. Seeing that, he told them to come back, and they did. He realized he could control them. So he used this power to go and kill the town himself. Of course, he couldn't attack anything directly and he didn't know any spells, but the Ageless were under his command. After taking over the town, he started learning about the power of Dark Magic, and how he could raise Thralls to do his bidding. He became an incredibly skilled necromancer, even managing to create his own custom Ageless (The Flesh Golem is just a huge ageless). He learned how to raise people from the dead and how to control them. Soon, he managed to create an army, and he continued his plans: to kill every living being and raise them under his command.

    Everybody has heard of him over time. The Great Palladin Order call him 'The Unliving' and recongnise him as a major threat. Bopen and the Ageless of Deadlantis see him as an accidental ally, but know that sometime they will truly meet, and he could either be a great friend to them, or a dangerous enemy. The only people that know his secret, that he himself is unable to hurt anybody, are the members of The Society, but they can't find him. 

  • Also a bit of clarification from @Timedagger100  ; Are the Undying souls villains or complex characters that are all heroes in their own way like Rob likes to make characters?
  • @Minion Really it's more complex. Generally the members are naturally good people, they seeked "the mystery" for different reasons, knowledge, wealth, power. But most were good hearted. It was until after the incident that some turned evil. Most stayed with the society in order to keep their curses secret from the world. The Society's main goal is to keep what they found that day, but more importantly their immortality a secret. So they hunt down those who have gone rogue. So yeah, complex I guess you could say.
  • Oh whoops, guess my first character is one that has gone rogue, I'll make another one that stays with the society for the fun of it haha
  • Thinas_Sillin

    A True Berserker, he erupted from his mothers womb, killing her and killing his dad too. He lived as a Truly powerful warrior, charging and fighting any foe he could, enjoying the rush of combat, the feel of death against him and pushing back. He was invincible, it seemed, and he took pride in it. 

    He was invited, along with others in the small army, to fight. They picked the best fighters they could and he was one of the best. And he took pride in it. When the group angered the divine, Thinas stayed to fight. He refused to back down, even at risk of death. He didn't care for the power of the divine, and charged to fight them. 

    The divine cursed him as a spirit, forever unable to fight or touch anything, but Thinas provoked the Old Gods and attaked the divine again, and again and again, refusing to quit as long as he still lived, no matter how many unique curses the divine forced upon him. Eventually the divine decided to cuse him with strength. The ability to win any fight. The Divine forced him away, locking his spirit from ever entering the shrine again.

    Now Thinas Sillin, immortal, constantly goes on rampages in an effort to find someone that can kill him, someone powerful enough to make him feel the rush of combat again, so he can once again fear for his life. He never cared for moral conduct, or helping the world, he is a very selfish kobold who views his life above all the others he slaughters. He is Rogue. 
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    You're good @Timedagger100 I like making the more Good, but seperated types as you can see from my two I've made so far. However if there was an emergency they would both help as they could. Though Farley is limited to the ocean and The Messenger would have to leave a note. He has to wait to deliver his message after all. Edit. And I'd probably leave my mimic behind. He can take care of himself and tell anyone that I'm out for a bit.
  • Very much inspired by Justin's character this week.

    Saint_Thunderstone Is an ancient elf from before the birth of magic. He was always fascinated by the storms that nature barraged the land with even before the birth of magic. When magic came around he went to work recreating the thunder and lighting with magic that he was fascinated with. Some say he even birthed the order of Thanes, but that has never been confirmed. (Yay for bullshiting my own lore!) After the discovery of the mystery he was cursed with a form of pure lightning.

    He is a true member of the Society of the Undying souls. He keeps himself secret unless hunting a Rogue.

    His trample also functions as a flash which is completely OP. He has a Legendary Lighting spirit companion, Ha'zie'al that is even more OP with Legendary abilities and Passives along with Awaken so it can never truly die either. His Bolt Staff is a Super Bolt Staff that hits everyone on the battlefield. However his most damaging ability is the Trample mixed with Divine Roaring across the entire battlefield. He destroys everyone at once. He breaks the game having the Hammer and a Shield, but LEGENDARY CHARACTERS.

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    The Ageless are immoral creatures with no notion of right or wrong. They only do what benefits them and their causes the most.

    Kellen_Srem was one of the Ageless, a kobold ageless. Kellen Srem was one of the original members of the party that invaded The Divine's domicile. Kellen Srem was one of the few that was cursed to walk the earth in eternal torment for perusing The Mystery.
    He originally joined the party because he feared that his skull would one day be smashed and his spirit destroyed with it. He had been an ageless for four kobold centuries. He had served on Bopen's crew and was jealous of his King's to live without a skull. He knew that a divine being was one of the few beings that could make him truly immortal. He received his wish, but at a terrible cost.

    Kellen had killed many people. Adults, children, pregnant mothers, poor farm boys, fellow ageless, and many, many more. He had killed for Bopen, killed for money, killed for himself. When The Divine discovered and cursed the intruders he cursed Kellen with morality and the immortality that Bopen himself had. He started feeling regret and anger towards himself. This drove him insane for a time, for which he was confined by the Society who tried to help him cope with his newfound morals.

    When he was finally able to get a handle on his sanity he forswore the society, because he only saw his own greed and self loathing mirrored back at him from many of the members. He set out to fix his mistakes, at least the ones he could, for time had already erased many of his wrongdoings. When he finally fixed his last mistake he set out to guard life against the ageless threat. He protected those he could, he killed hundreds if not thousands of ageless, and he provided for the innocent trying to better the lives by providing the very things he himself did not require: food, shelter, and hope.
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    Before the Birth of Magic, Alastare was an honorable Paladin who worshiped the Sun Dragons. When Phanto died, Alastare began to hunt for a power that could resurrect a Divine. In his search, he joined Brogun in his quest for the "mystery". However, when the group was cursed, Alastare was actually cursed by Golestandt as well, for trying to kill him. (For in reviving Phanto, Golestandt would be no more). Thus, Alastare the Paladin was corrupted into into a being simply known as the Nightfrost. 


    The Nightfrost is an insanely skilled wizard in Dark and Ice Magic, so much so that he is even able to use a spell most can only utilize from a scroll (it is very draining, however, so he can only use it once per the period of time equivalent of a year). His very soul was frozen, so the once proud paladin leaves no survivors in his wake.
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    Rose was very happily married to the love of her life. They had 2 children and were living peacefully when they received the news that their youngest daughter was gravely ill and would perish soon. Rose was beyond herself with worry and sadness. She was desperate for a solution when she came across a man promising that he could help her save her child if she aided them on a quest. Rose was an extremely talented Bard that could charm a whole room of people with her songs. She readily agreed to such a task and made her way to the lair of the order. One month later and they had begun their journey. Unbenounced to them, a deity was unhappy with their plight and cursed the lot of them. After the failure she attempted to get her reward for helping from the man who approached her only, she found she had no voice. He still gave her a scroll that would allow her to sacrifice herself for her child.  

    Still, being a Bard and a singer, she was terrified. She went for a walk to calm down and, when passing a river, she saw her reflection, only it was not her reflection but that of another   another... It turns out that her disguise was linked to her voice making it so, since she no longer had a voice, her reflection would always change.

     She then returned home only to be rushed away as she no longer looked like or could voice that she was the wife/mother of this family. She watched the house for months until her daughter died... she was unable to do anything. She then found that her age was also affected by her permanent disguise. She could never die. One by one, every semblance of her old life died... Leaving her heart broken...  She collected the rings of her family (it was a tradition to give each newborn a magic ring to protect them).

     She is now slightly insane and views the world as a disease, punishing the innocent...Mercy is a lie...
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    The Branwen family: Gnome merchants  that got turn into ageless after a run in with Bopen/ the cult of bones . The heads of the family are 
    Toland Branwen 
    Erise  Branwen 
  • I'm gonna transplant the character i posted in another thread about characters you've made. I view him as being an member from the start, having join the attempt to find the uncover the mystery in order to attempt to find a way to destroy all the Ageless, even if it destroys him in the process. He was cursed, but the Divine was merciful to him after reading the reason for his participation in the mission in his mind. His curse is to be the last Ageless to exist, only able to die after all other Ageless are destroyed. This poses an issue for him after a different Divine made Kellen Srem into another immortal Ageless. He has decided that Kellen makes a valuable ally though, and is alright with not being able to ensure at Ageless become extinct if the last two survivors are himself and another Ageless dedicated to destroying the menace of the other Ageless beings.


    Ingwë was one of the very first Elves, and was always incredibly skilled in crafting objects and carving into just about any material. He was approached one day after the Birth of Magic by some mages who were trying to figure out “how to stop people from dying.” They wanted his help in crafting a book that would be enchanted by one of them to document what they were doing without having to have a person dedicated to recording the exact details, as well as to help with laying out the required runes to complete the ritual since their runemaster wasn’t confident that his skills would produce an absolutely perfect ritual without any errors. He acquiesced to helping them with their work, and went to help.

    They wound up succeeding in their attempt, becoming the first Ageless beings. He was included in the ritual against his will, becoming an Ageless that day. He saw what kind of monsters the Ageless were (from his point of view) after the ritual, and dedicated his life to destroying the monsters he helped create. He’s spent his entire life after that day doing his best to destroy every Ageless he comes across.

    Ingwë is well know across the realms for being an incredibly dedicated Ageless hunter, knowing how to spot an Ageless without having to see them in their skeleton form. Very few people are aware of his past and even fewer are aware that he himself is an ageless. He generally only stays around other for a short time, worried about having to try and conceal that he is an Ageless. He always carries Cabalist / Betraoil around to help with disguising himself as an ordinary individual, and a copy of the Cabalist / Book of Bones as a method of informing others what was going on if he uncovers an attempt to become an Ageless in process, since he will almost always try to kill any Ageless he comes across.

  • Highlord_Faerethan
    Faerethan is a kobald that worked with the Society, but when they faced the Divine, he turned and backstabbed them. In recognition of this, the Divine gave a much less severe curse to Faerethan. Due to his mastery of Balance, he must create a group of 16 individuals with sets of balance of all six elements and lead them on a quest to the lands across the sea. There they must retrieve an ancient artifact known only as Chaos. Once he has returned the artifact to the Divine, Faerethan's curse will be lifted. As far as the Curse goes, Faerethan cannot leave the island city named after him, the island of Faerthas. He may only leave once he goes on the mission to retrieve Chaos, and then must only perform that mission. Faerethan built the city of Faerthas and trains many apprentices at the Halls of Balance, hoping to find the sixteen people he needs for his quest, for they will bear his Curse as well.
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