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Campaign theories

So this is a place just for theories about the show or lore, and a place to discuss them. No ideas are bad here, just please remember that it is very possible for someone to debunk a theory, and will probably happen to a lot of them after shows. Please, if you are debunking someone else's theory, do not be rude about it. and follow the rest of the forum rules.

I will start this, and make a really outlandish theory that has no evidence for or against it, just a thought expirement.

So basically, my theory is that the gnomes came from the Beanu. Now, if I have the one Beanu in Unexpected Discovery correct, they died off shortly after they killed Phanto somehow (probably used the 5k range titanium greatsword we (the community) made on a different thread), and they died because they couldn't breed, and this could be a time before anyone knew that dragon scales would turn back the aging process. But this time would not last too long, as Elves would have to figure it out, so that alone suggests that Elves had a longer life span than Beanu. But that isn't the main point. If the Beanu died from old age, then they knew that they would be doomed, and since we know that they were insanely technologically advanced, then they could have tried to use a combonation of magic and technology to try to clone a species that could breed, they could have used their DNA to make them naturally intelligent. and Elves to make it so they could breed. And obviously made a male and female. These creatures came out being more like elves than thought, in looking almost exactly like them, except for some reason (probably a fluke, or a low roll) they were really short. And these new creatures bred and eventually became the gnomes we know today.
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