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Tears in my eyes

Okay this website hit me right in the feels.  I logged on and saw the terms of use and privacy policy links.  I don't read that bullshit but before I could even open my confirmation email I opened both those things read every letter while thinking "This is Rob's website and his copyright"  And seeing it really made me cry a little.  Getting to read the rules and all that and just see the dream made into reality is staggering.  Now even though it is late and I am barely able to see the screen due to the blurred vision I find it too hard to stop browsing through and saying this is the community Rob wanted.  And it is just -whatever that crumbling feeling in your heart is called.
I guess I should roll for tears of joy


  • You rolled a 6.

    The forum goers do not believe your tears and think you are sulking it up to earn yourself some forum gold. One of them throws a rock at your head knocking your glasses off causing one of the lenses to pop out. You take 5 Damage and lose your glasses.
  • Shit.  Well at least I have my eyes.  And the forums are still here.  Man really feel like I should say something more significant but rolling a six is just right for an aww shit moment.
  • Just think, if you had rolled a 20 you could have been Double Secret Gilded :wow:  
  • @KlondikeBar I feel ya. Been waiting for this for awhile and just the effort put into this and the cards is really impressive, gives me warm fuzzies.
  • Well, tears of joy are the best kind if tears. This website is the start of something great, it's cool to be a part of this community. 

    I love you guys  :)
  • Those are some harsh results for rolling a 6.
  • Yea.  It is a wonderful thing to have you know?  It is alot of work and dedication and it is all free.
  • The forum rules did genuinely make me laugh. 
  • @Pearadox Yea Nader and Phineas talking to eachother was pretty great.
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