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Campaign Thread: The Grand Paladin Order

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Sorry I forgot to put the thread up, been a busy week!


  • np rawb, was there for the entire thing and you Rocked it as alwase, Keep up the good work :)
  • Hey it was a pretty good stream i quite liked it.
  • Loved this campaign, although combat this week seemed to drag on quite a lot
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    I absolutely loved the show and thought it was a strong start to season 3, despite having a shaky start to the show due to twitch and other streaming related issues, and my only complaint was chat going off the walls about certain things, but fortunately meganzoor did an absolutely fantastic job, 10/10.
  • Great! Despite whining there was far more good than bad.
  • Hey uh, pretty good campaign I quite liked it
  • Super fun campaign! Some fun combats and characters, strong premise! Divine Decisions are great, new combat system is great, overall great changes!

    While I think people are exaggerating a bit with the Death Roll complaints, I do think a small amount of tweaking can go a long way. Just a small tiny bit though.

    The third combat in particular felt really tense and exciting to watch! May have gone on a bit long but it was still super fun.
  • @Rob Seeing as this is the first campaign with the new xp system, I was wondering when our accounts will reflect the xp earned during the campaign. Is it going to a few hours/days, etc? 

    Great first show, really enjoyed everything and I can really see where all the time and effort went. Can't wait for the next one, ;).
  • Also Hype for Grand Paladin Gwynneth. Looking forward to dark story line. Loved her as an antagonist previously and i'm excited for where this goes.
  • Better luck on the technical difficulties next week/campaign!
  • There were a lot of times that they could all die specially 3rd combat.
  • Hey uh, pretty good campaign I quite liked it
  • I think this campaign was a great starter to the season! I think it sets up perfectly for future campaigns.
  • In my opinion this campaign was absolutely Fantastic was awesome to watch and well worth the wait for the season to start. well done to all involved and heres to many more just as good if not better.
  • Loved the Campaign, Rob! I liked how there were numerous times where it felt like they could all actually die, especially the 3rd and final campaign. And I like that Gwenyth became the Grand Paladin (of the Elven Branch); I'm looking forward to seeing her and her (increasingly disturbed) friends/subordinates hunting and potentially killing (or being killed by) Bopen.
  • I really liked the campaign! I thought it had a nice structure, we got to see some old characters, and the combat felt more powerful. Also, I like the callbacks to DvZ.
  • this campaign was amazing, the amount of times i was on the edge of my seat, the amount of times i laughed, the amount of times i gasped in terror! all great! 
  • great campaign robert :drunk:
  • Is there anywhere to watch the VOD since it was streamed on YouTube, or do I just have to wait for the episodes to release?
  • @Lemon_Oakley

    The VOD will probably remain privatized forever. We're just all gonna have to wait for the Episodes.
  • I will say what I feel were the greatest bits. For the first time Dwarves took the spotlight over elves for the most part. We got to learn about their culture and army with some characters that I'll remember for a long time. We'd had player characters before but they had just kinda felt like humans. These dwarves felt like Dwarves. Loving Vitali and Alessa steping up and becoming the badasses they should be alongside Lance Willakers we have the core of the Dwarves that we can come to love as much as we love the Sunswords.

    Jormr not so much. But it is a difficult character to play especially as he'd lost his companion which many of his abilities were based on. Would have loved to see him with a tiny bloodsnake companion that he found along the way.

    They guys power level was off the charts this week, but they didn't munchkin it. On one hand a great thing and on the other, yes it was frustrating to have two of the most powerful characters we've seen just taking themselves out of combat. Though Roamin did fill the support role that he was very well suited for quite well in the first combats and became the boss he had the potential to be in the last. Though I was really disappointed that he rejected his new family even though he had rejected his abuser in the previous scene. The fight was EPIC, but his reasoning in the end just felt... flimsy compared to his desires for belonging. Though, I guess that's what you get for trusting an Emo.

    @Rob Ya killed it. Great GMing, I'd say a bit too much reliance on deathrolls, but what do I expect with an Ageless army? Especially with Roamin countering all incoming damage with bonus action apocalypse.

    Very fun campaign that I had my share of problems with but it developed a culture and an order that we will spend more time loving as time goes on. Woodcarvers family. Best family.
  • I liked the campaign but agree with what others said about combat.

    A minor fix thing I didn't like is the donation events being at the top of the screen instead of the side. They appear to be more obstructive at the top.
  • @Rob you kept calling Lance Bruce. is Lance and Bruce the same guy or did you just misspoke? 
  • my headcanon now is that Galen's full name is Galen Lance Sunsword and you cannot convince me otherwise.
  • The campaign was very good and while combat was a little crazy and stuff it was an ageless army and with the fact all the guys had a good amount of stamina and heals rob had to use death rolls a large amount.
  • When do we get the exp from watching the campaign live?

  • The donation events on the top of the screen also bothered me quite a bit. Especially because, if I remember right, they were over some of the donation event animations. Even when it was just covering the map it would sometimes block dice roles, and it just bothered me that it was blocking part of the screen. I feel like they could still be on top as long as the screen was structured so that the map wasn't behind it. 

    Other than that gripe this was an amazing campaign, and I'm very happy for the start of season three! The UI on the website is very slick, and I like how the donations can be accessed now, as well as how nice the chat looked. There were some bugs that I'm sure will be ironed out, and I would like a full list of emotes somewhere, but overall 10/10 would watch again. The divine decision was especially stressful and fun, and I like how the lottery system works. I loved all the characters this week, and I'm also glad to see previous characters start popping up as background NPCs without much fanfare. It makes it a lot more thrilling in combat without distracting from this week's main cast. 
  • This was awesome @Rob
  • I loved the campaign, seems like Season 3 is going to be awesome. Gotta second Tsume817's request for a list of the chat emotes. Probably the easiest way would be a locked thread here on the forums that only you and the staff can edit. Maybe a link to it in the "Welcome to the Help Desk" thread, or the list could just be in that thread/discussion.
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