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Will The Grand Paladin Order be posted to youtube?

Since all the difficulties with Twitch came up, and they had to stream on youtube, I was wondering if it would be posted or not. I really want to watch it.


  • ABSOLUTELY. All Rob had to do was be recording off of XSplit at the same time as streaming to YouTube, as well as YouTube saving a version of the stream specifically for Rob to do with.
  • Yeah wasnt able to watch it due to it starting at 5am, would love to see it though
  • Yes, in bits. It's a little sad that the Youtube VOD will probably never be public again, but at least we'll see the whole campaign in parts.
  • I had to pause the stream for 45 minutes, so due to how YT does streams, I missed the last 40 minutes :(

    I guess I'll find out how it ends in a week or so.
  • Actually, if you go to robs twitter, you can see that he posted the stream vod to a private link
  • @Phendrix
    It doesn't look like that's the full video.
    How long was the stream?
  • @FullPrice ; I wasn't there for the whole stream, just for the end. And it seems like it ends on the right time. So I guess 7 and a half hours
  • @FullPrice  I'm still watching the VOd (Right where the divine decision is being made) And it seems like its complete, no problems for me

  • @FullPrice it is the full stream after the restart, and before the restart isn't important for anything. It started late, remember.
  • The first episode was just posted, they'll all be put into the stickied episode list post as well as probably a playlist on Roy's channel. 
  • @Coconut
    Man I love Roy. What a great guy for putting the episodes on his channel. 
  • @FullPrice hahahahaha  :) fucking autocorrect 
  • Its out right now
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