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where can i watch the full Season 3 episode 1!


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    I don't think there's a VOD up on Rob's YouTube, as he probably made it unavailable. However, starting tomorrow, videos will be posted to his YouTube ( If it follows the same format as the previous season, there will be three a day, at 8am, 11am, and 2pm EST, and a total of 9 that will be finished posting on Tuesday.
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    The campaign will be coming out on YouTube over the next week or so as Haunter is able to edit each episode into something cohesive (especially considering the technical difficulties at the start).
  • I know but i wanted to see if i could get the 8 hour stream and watch it in like a few goes because I wanna know what happens!(no spoilers :0)

  • I remember being able to binge a campaign on twitch in the previous streams last year but when i went to it I couldn't find the recent campaign. Did Rob turn this setting off?
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    Hmm.  Friends asked me to dinner and a movie half way through the stream.  I was thinking I'd finish it when I got back home but I guess I'll just wait for the YouTube episodes.  No worries!
  • Things are a bit different this time since the stream wasn't done on Twitch. The YouTube vod will likely not be put up. Might just have to wait until it's all uploaded in parts.
  • @BigTom Nah, he had to stream on YouTube because Twitch authentication was messing up.
  • go to Rawb's twitter.
  • its only shows 2 hours is there a way to see more?
  • It has the entire thing, but you probably have to restart once you get to the end of that segment.
  • the problem is im in the middle of it and cant get to the start of it
  • Then do the oppposite and go backwards in the video, or just wait for it to come out in video form.
  • when i click on the link  for a second i see the video is around 8 hours long then it reloads and turns into a 2 hour video. before the video actually plays. is there a way to keep it from cutting down to a 2 hour video?
  • It is really unfortunate but Tiwtch was not working for Rob today, or yesterday for me now. He had to stream via YouTube and as a result we have to wait for the YouTube episodes to watch the campaign. I saw it live and can say that if you missed it, it will be well worth the wait so do not worry, it is lit but just be patient. It was really Twitch's fault that this happened from what Rob had said multiple times on the stream. 
  • well lets hope it is fixed by next week cuz i work every weekend and sadly will not be able to make it to the live streams, so last season watched the twitch vods after i got off of work and into the late hours of the night
  • @Timedagger100 Thanks, I usually keep up to date with the general goings on but have been busy with starting a new job.
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