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Divine Decision Art

Does anyone know who did the art for Lance and Gwyneth during the Divine Decision? I thought it was real cool looking and I wanted to give credit where credit was due. 


  • That would be me. They are a part of the poster that will be coming to the shop soon, they just weren't shown in the intro because they didn't want to spoil who would be the two up for the divine decision
  • @Irishxlily oh sick! :smileporc: I guess I'm gonna have to pick that up then. Awesome job on those, I can't wait to see what the rest of it looks like!
  • Thank you :) For only having a week to do it (due to my hand getting hurt and pushing  my work schedule back like a week) i think i turned out swell ;) Can't wait for you guys to see the full thing!
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