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Thousands of Cards and Tabletop Simulator

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So hey everyone.

I get a lot of the tech used within TTS for URL. There's a LUA interface, it seems like TTS can support multiple token states, whatever.

BUT: I've tried to import cards into TTS for a game system that I like (Phoenix:Dawn Command), and from what I understand, you import card sheets. Last I checked, it was 70 or so cards per sheet. URealms has thousands of cards. Probably close to 2000! Isn't that impressive, Jimmy?

Judging  by the fact that I occasionally see a message that TTS is loading one card when Rob pulls a random spell, I'm guessing that he's just importing all of his cards one by one through a script and saving those into the various decks, but I just want to confirm if this is really what's going on, and if there's any common practice/tools to do this, because the tooling around creating those card sheets is, to be honest, kind of shit. It sucks. It's terrible, I don't like it, and creating tokens is even worse -- I hated making cards and making tokens is even worse guys.

I-- just clear my mind and give me the knowledge, please. Help a seekerofknowledge.


  • For the record, I think I figured it out. Saved items and game states are all stored in plaintext JSON files (<Documents>\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Saves\Saved Objects), and with a knowledge of that file format, they must be simply using a script to create each deck box, for instance.

    So JFGI I guess.
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