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When is the Next session for URealms live?

This week was my first time watching Urealms and it was AWESOME! But I have no Idea how the schedule works, so I'm asking here.


  • Meaganzor one of the mods said that it has not been announced yet and that we need to wait to see it posted on the site.
  • I have no idea! Hasn't been announced yet, but Rawb said they'd be once a month now. If this was your first show though, GUESS WHAT? YOU HAVE SO MANY SHOWS TO CATCH UP ON!
    Here's the recommended list for new jimmies:
    The Sunswords
    Silvermine Mountains
    All of Season Two, except ToUW and OGH. Those you can watch later.
  • I believe he said in the "New Website + URealms S3 starts May 27th!" video he said it would be monthly for now on, so my best guess is the 24th of June. But I could be totally wrong, it's better to wait here or on his Twitter for word.  :)  
  • @snarkyslytherin and I can watch all of this on Youtube?
  • @RaHuHe, yep! BruceWillakers is the channel for URealms.
  • Yep BruceWillakers YouTube channel! Or you can click watch up above, and there's stuff there :)

    PM me if you have any questions about old campaigns or anything. I've seen all of them between 1-5 times (The Sunswords was 2 times, The Woodcarvers was 3 times, The Silvermine Mountains 4 times, and The Skeleton King 5 times, and I've seen all of Season 2 twice) so I know a shit ton! If you want to discuss anything too, I'm almost always around.
    As you watch each campaign, make sure to check out the discussion reddit threads, if you'd like to see what we were all thinking at the time. (Hint: mostly K4) @RaHuHe
  • @snarkyslytherin but what if i've done all that ;_;
  • @Kirby, well...... Go back in, of course! :drunk: 
  • Role-play threads, rewatches, fanfiction, and rampant speculation! @Kirby
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