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What's a fun fact about yourself?

In an attempt for us to all learn a little more about each other, what is one fun fact about yourself? or your online persona/character?

For me I love sunflower seeds so much i can go through a pound of em a day!


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    I was in a movie once, Hooch and Daddy-o, played an orphan. If you figure out my real name from the credits congrats, you are now my stalker. :|
  • I'm a YouTuber, though still fairly small, I love entertaining and am going to university for acting!
  • I have a signed DVD from Rob of the Unforgotten Realms first Season. The hour-long behind the scenes with him talking about making a game inspired me to take game design and creative writing courses in college.
  • Fun fact: I'm working on a S3 expansion.
  • One time I caught a duck when I was at Sea World and carried it around with me.

    Fun fact, no one will try to stop you from carrying a duck around Sea World.
  • I once drank 40 cans of soda in 2 days because a play I was working props for needed empty cans for the set. Yes, I could have emptied out the cans but it was for honor.
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    I've made a card game with my friends called meme wars just think about it as a shit yu-gi-oh with memes  :)
  • I created my own vegetarian burrito recipe and those burritos are sooo tasty. That can be my legacy, I'll pass that burrito recipe down to the children I don't plan on having.
  • Whenever I start writing a new Campaign for my offline URealms group. I get super into it. To the point where I developed a mobile app for a character sheet in a week
  • I can put both of my legs behind my head. My legs are never comfortable in "normal" "relaxed" positions, so you'll often find me with my legs crossed in positions of varying weirdness, depending on the situation.
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    I have deformed feet with no arches also known as flat-foot. It is really hard to find large shoes that fit me width size
  • I'm really into loose leaf tea, I guess that's kinda fun. 
  • i can look asquint with one eye. so one to the front one towards the nose.
  • I've got a blue belt in Judo and I'm starting a university course in Classical Civilisation in september, which I guess is quite interesting
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  • I can rap the entirety of eminem's rap god at his pace. 
  • My parents were actually going to name me "Tabithor" if I was born male (I've gotten confirmation from my Aunts on this too). They find it hilarious how much I love Norse Myths and have a little Thor doll permanently attached to my purse. I also cried for like an hour when I broke my toy Mjolnir after swinging it too hard, they proceeded to get me another one which I broke in less than a day. They've been debating maybe getting me one made of metal for a few years but are afraid I may kill something, so for now I still have the second one duct taped together. To be honest, it looks really dumb now but I love it anyway. 
  • I have a strange obsession with Slavic folklore.
  • I was born, which if you think about it, the chance of someone being born is 1 in 10 to the 2,685,000 so, 1 in 10 with over 2,500,000 0s! 
  • Well my dad is a famous ski jumper and invented The V Style. I mean like that is something.
  • So fun fact me and my dad have over 20 reptiles living in our house.
  • I have ran a 5k in under 20 minutes. So I know i'm pretty good at jest about anything.
  • I live in finland where we roll the tip of our tongues to pronounce the letter r. I can't do that. Instead I roll the side of my tongue to mimic it. Most people have told me they never noticed until I told them. That makes it impossible to properly pronounce words with two consecutive r's like herrasmies (Gentleman).
  • As ironic as it may be with the username I picked, I actually do not like pizza (yes, you may lynch me whenever). Kappa
  • I'm a huge mythology nerd, anything from Greek, Norse, Chinese, or even Aztec. I can also turn both my pink toes completely upside down.
  • My great grandfather handled a large amount of the water rights for the Grand Coulee Dam. I'm using the desk they were drafted on to flop around on the internet, which I guess might be symbolic or something.
  • There's only been about three instances of people pronouncing my last name right the first time. Also trying to learn the Mandalorian language from Star Wars.
  • I'm studying to become a middle school teacher.

  • I have a twin sister that is about a foot shorter than me, other than that my life is pretty boring
  • I have a genetic mutation that allows me to do a complete jump rope motion with my arms.
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