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Fill in what Roamin was saying leading up to "Faceplant off of the couch, and live"

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Quite possibly one of the best Roamin quotes, and I'm curious to see what people can come up with for what could have possibly lead to that.


  • I think it was the end of a story.

    In my head, it went something like this.

    "Did you see that? My kid James just did a faceplant off of the couch, and lived."
  • "So the thing I really want to do is put a couch up on the roof, do a faceplant off of the couch, and live."
  • Probably just something simple, like "Bet you can't do a faceplant off the couch, and live!"
  • Romain: "I was shredding on the roof and fell on the couch from the roof!"
    Deadbones: "Why the fuck were you the roof?"
    Coe: "how did you fall on a couch if you were outside?"
    *Deadbones does his obnoxious beautiful laugh*
    Romain: " You know, you guys are always so Negative! Bet you couldn't fall off the roof and do a faceplant off the couch and live!"
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