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We need to talk [Meta post]

I like many of you consume my media through YouTube and some other video streaming services. But, there is a dark side to this. I like to eat my lunch when I watch some of the most choice videos that get served up to me. And it's not healthy. I think that this phenomenon is widespread. This is not a mindful way to live, and it is easy to not appreciate your meal in so watching videos. I think I can speak for every single one of you when I say that Mr. Etho Slab is the villain responsible for this disease. His harmful memes, and his catchphrase of "get yer snacks" is heinous! The man must be brought to justice! Rob has published the character creation for season 3. The most hype season, as I will again speak for all of us. And I can't watch it yet. Because I am not ready for lunch. I will miss out on the status of being one of the few earliest viewers. This is Mr. Slab's fault.

And so today. I will eat lunch earlier. Because I am not on contract time. But what of tomorrow? Or next week? Or next month? There can be no guarantee. The world is not certain, and this frightens me. It is okay, if your meals are disrupted by hype videos. Such is the way of the world. And it can be stopped no more than the tide. This has been a message. From one victim of Mr. Slab the insidious, to you.


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