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Welcome to the Campaign Threads!

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"Oh geeze professor..
I hope this isn't a dumb question..
but what is a campaign thread?"

"Ahh to put it quite simply for you to understand my friend...
they are one of my unforgotten tales from my book Phineas.
Tales that have never been told and so they can never be not forgotten."

"Then um... why don't you call this chapter Nader's Unforgotten Tales then?"

"By thors unstattable lust... that's a great name for my entire book!
You're a genius Phineas!"

"..but then this chapter would still be named Campaign Threads
and that doesn't solve the problem I just explained to you so why woul...

Perfect! I can't believe I never thought of it before!"


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    Welcome to Campaign Threads!
    This is a place for all the official threads for every URealms Live Campaign. The threads for each show are generally created a few days before a live campaign takes place. Please keep in mind that these threads will have lots of spoilers, so we recommend avoiding them until after you have watched the campaign unless you are watching them live!

    Constructive criticism and opinions of the show are welcome, but please keep them friendly! 
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