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Little Art dump

edited June 2017 in Fan Art and Creations
Hiya! I'm Snowy and I like to draw traditionally. No tablet for me! I had to take these photos from my phone, so sorry if they're bad quality. I really like drawing the urealms characters, so I want to show all of you what I've done! :smileneena: 

Khn'n-Rell :bopen: 
A watercolor Vanesa!!
Dakimakura style Neena! 
The beautiful Sonya and Larry <3

thats all I'll post for now! Maybe lll add more if I get a good reaction, lol. Thanks for viewing my art!


  • These look really good! :D I'm not sure why there are a lot of broken photo links at the start of your message. Not sure why that is though
  • Wow! These are amazing! :) 
  • there all great! :wow: 

  • I love that interpretation of Sonya, with the scar to show where her eye was replaced. The one of Khn'n-rell is probably my favorite, it manages to be so creepy even when you know that he's not really that bad of a guy to begin with. Excellent work!
  • Very awesome!! I really like your Vanessa water color!! Several of them are showing up as broken links for me which is unfortunate because I'd like to see them!!
  • Wow this is some really great talent! Shame you dont do digital art, I think you'd do great with it!
  • these look absolutely fantastic, I hope to see more!
  • These are pretty great. : )
  • Thanks everyone! I don't do digital because I don't have the patience for it, and I really love the feeling of the pencils and stuff beneath my fingers. Its a nice feeling. Though, I know I'd benefit from being able to use layers! There's not many tutorials for non-digital art anymore.
  • The Khn'n-Rell face comparison with his skull is amazing, a lot of time was taken on it I can tell, but all of these are amazing. It is good to see some Sonya love
  • Blatant comment so this thread goes to the front of the forums so more people can see the delightful artwork~
  • Looks great!
  • Good, but some details on the faces on all but the first look a bit off and the skull is a bit to far to the left commpared to the normal head
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