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Length of series

I haven't watched season 1 and like half of season 2. So I'm wondering how long it would take to binge all of the series so far?


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    Well, on average, a campaign is about 8 hours. 10 campaigns per season, plus the four bonus Side Quests, and you get close to 90 hours per season.

    I find it good to watch them while doing other tasks, as a lot of it can be watched while multi-tasking.
    If you don't mind waiting, there will be a Campaign recap for the first one ever, Band of Thieves. These will be ~15 minute animatic movies, just like the one posted for the Grand Paladin Order on the front page. However, these take a while to make, and you may want to get the entire story.
  • @Timedagger100
    Yeesh, 145 hours for the campaigns alone... kinda glad Rob's gonna be doing those recap animations eventually. I'd much rather watch an hour or so of stuff per season to catch up than seventy hours per season.
  • @Timedagger100 it doesn't look like you put side quests, and Coe's quest in there.  :(
  • @kreeperkiller63 Yeah, I completely forgot they were a thing at the time (Im sorry Deadbones I love you) so I need to update this probably after the first campaign
  • To put it simply, the URealms series is as long as Nisovin is short. That is to say really frickin long!
  • Make sure you watch the last campaign of Season 1. What parts of Season 2 have you watched?
    Either way, the first campaign of season 3 is a callback to season 1 and 2. Massive spoilers, this isn't a good one for you to watch without being mostly caught up.@Kriosuranous
  • @Kriosuranous ;
    It'll be referencing S1C5, S1C10, S2C1, and S2C10, at the very least. Those are all mandatory to watch, I think, anyways.
  • Binge watching them after work each day, I was able to watch season 1 and half of season 2, the other campaigns hadn't aired yet, in about 2 weeks.  :3
  • My girlfriend binged them, typically watching an episode a day. Got through all of season 1, the side quests, and season 2 in about a month. This included character creation, but no behind the scenes. 
  • @Kriosuranous If I may recommend.
    I think most fans would consider Sunswords to be one of the best campaigns in season 1. Sunswords also ties into the finale, the Silvermine mountains, which is pretty important for much of season 2 (Silvermine Mountains is also the shortest campaign in the entire series, if that helps).

    Most campaigns have little tidbits that are referrenced in later campaigns, as well as a bunch of recurring characters. I personally loved watching every single campaign all the way through, but I also have a lot of free time on my hand.
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    @Timedagger100 so... like 8 days if you dont sleep... at all... 
  • @Timedagger100 also i noticed that document of yours doesnt count the side quests at all.
  • @Xaion64 Yeah... I forgot about them (Sorry DB ily)... it happens, I'll add them in after the first season 3 campaign is done.
  • @Timedagger100 Fair enough. they arent much more... 4 campaigns? approximately the same time span as actual campaigns... i think... so around... 32 hours? thats just my guesstimate...
  • The worst part is the very first campaign i had watched was Den of Devils, then The Skeleton King, Then Buckeroos followed by Murder Bros. then I watched The Grand Paladin Order, So I definitely need to rewatch the campaigns I've already seen when I binge the series.
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