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    Javo This is Javo, a character who has seen many hardships. As a child he grew up in a dvegr village where he lived with his family and was taught fire magics. He was the only pupil of his teacher and always strove to impress him, even to the point where he took and attempted one of his teacher's work in progress spells, grand flame summoning. The results of this attempt were disastrous, the spirits he summoned were overzealous in the defense of him. Instead of attacking only what he told them, they attacked all creatures that got close to him, even the people of his village. He had attempted to stop them to start with, and in doing so he lost his right hand and fell unconscious. When he awoke he found that his spirits decimated his entire home town and killed everything nearby, with him being the sole survivor. In order to ensure something like this would never happen again, he created a cannon out of the sacred petrified wood of his village and steel and attached it to the charred stump which used to be his forearm. He the attached the shield of his father to the outside of this and sealed his spirits inside it, sealing them in with an iris style gate, so if he ever needed he could access their power. 
    Much time has passed since then, and he has grown much as a person. He has become a leader and a fierce protector to ensure that nothing like that day would ever happen again, and to be able to help if need be. Because of the destruction caused that he felt responsible for, he forsook his last name for he felt unworthy to bear it. He has gained some control over his spirits, and is now able to use their abilities by slightly opening the iris gate of his cannon hand. Outside of combat he is a warm, easygoing person but if it comes to business he's serious and a hard negotiator.
    In combat he will usually use his ranged attacks and create fire walls to funnel his opponents, and use flame tethers as a hook shot to gain mobility(if gm allows). He will almost always attempt to stop damage to his allies if he can, and if the situation seems hopeless, he would attempt to buy time for his party at any cost. If he ever fails a death roll and it activates his dvergr passive he will go stone form and his spirits will break out of the cannon(by opening the iris gate) and attack everything on the battlefield. The spooky will around Javo taking any hits that come his way and attack if he gets the chance, and the fire spirit will go around attacking people and setting the field ablaze. This carnage will only stop if a)spirits are defeated b)Javo is destroyed or c)a party member manages to wake/calm Javo. If the spirits are defeated, they will eventually come back to Javo, as is the nature of these spirits.
    He looks something similar to this except with the cannon being as described above.(Credit to Jalku for drawing this for me)
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    Javo also in some circumstances will use the right hand of his flame spooky as his own right hand. He will only do this if he needs another hand or if he wants to make someone suffer. This hand still behaves like his spirits would, trying to inflict as much damage as possible to others through it's iron grip and the fact that it's on fire.
    His legendary could be either custom card or custom card. Which one of these he gets is dependent upon his character developement, if he has come to terms he gets flame form, if not he goes to repress his strength more.
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