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What to expect in the future (Philippe exposed) (Red Circle)

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So through my private contacts in the Hackers guild of south de"code"a we were able to gain access to Rob's files, making sure to skip over "Private Kobold collection please son't click" and gained access to campaign outlines, amongst those like the highbear campaign, furiously scribbled over with blue crayon thus rendered unreadable, was one for season 5. Estimations place this one in the timeline after band of thieves and Murder Bros, the playable races in this are as fallows: gnoll, kobold, highbear, welpling, or gwyneth sunsword, those of you wondering about that last race it's due to in season 4 campaign 6 "Cult of the reptile god" it's revealed that gwyneth was created by some elves that had a few ties to ageless highbears resulting in a blood ritual to create gwyneth and altering all in her future bloodline, none the less, this campaign picks up on previous plot lines and a section saying "Include Porbo cameo delay that 5 more seasons". The players are guided by a group of porcs through the woods to a caravan of prisoners that are deemed unable to go the the silvermine mountains, encounter details are rough at best, simply saying 5 elves, 2 gnomes, and a handful of jelly beans, what the handful of jelly beans is meant to be is still being to be decoded, some assume it references to a race yet to be introduced. The caravan manages to escape however and what was scavenged skips straight to the end however detailing a sins of the unforgotten that will have a 5 minute duration in order to purchase it, on success phelipe will be freed, but there will be a price to come, if this donation event is made all discussions on the forums will change to "Kobold Genetalia - We need answers" so the viewers will need to decide if such measures are worth it.


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