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Six Degrees of Phineas

So I was going through the all of the different characters in the about section, and was especially looking at the relationships between people, and I just kept running back intpo Phineas in the relationships. So I propose a challenge, find a character that is more than six relationships away from hineas.


  • Long con Conner (I think)
  • X-O-2934 "Larry"
  • Any of the Murder Bros... you should have said relationships of the good characters.
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    @ShadowPoow All of the murderbros know Chimera, Who knows galen, who knows Virgo, who knows Phineas. Thats less than 6 degrees.  and @JukeInTheBox Larry is exactly 6. Man this is hard.
  • pip
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  • @JukeInTheBox Larry is connected to Sonya, who is part of the Grand Paladin Order, Virgo was the Grand Paladin, Virgo was Phineas's godfather. That's only 4 degrees of separation.
  • Got it! The Cobblers family!

  • "No name" from Kobold Headhunters
    1: No name was Noxel's apprentice
    2: Noxel knew Romulus
    3: Romulus knew Neena Brando
    4: Neena was attacked by Squinks
    5: Squinks encountered Gwyneth
    6: Gwyneth is Virgo's daughter
    7: Virgo is Phineas's godfather

    I think that's 7. Please let me know if I fucked up  :)
  • @ShadowPoow
    1: The Cobblers knew Reginald
    2: Reginald knew Virgo
    3: Virgo is Phineas's godfather
  • @Gent ;
    1. No Name was Noxel's apprentice
    2. Noxel knew Jack Krysstal
    3. Jack Krysstal knows Jo Krysstal
    4. Jo Krysstal knows Rick Snot
    5. Rick Snot knows Phineas

    Foiled again
  • @Timedagger100 Ah shit.

    Actually, that's only 4 since Phineas and Jo Krysstal were both in the same crew.
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    @Gent I was going by the wiki and they didn't have each other linked

    Also technically it is 4 because No Name and Jack Krysstal
  • Templeton is Phineas' brother 
    top that m8 
  • Thea mazing ?
  • @Zarekan ;
    1. Thea Mazing knows Neena Brando
    2. Neena Brando knows Romulus
    3. Romulus knew Jack Krysstal
    4. Jack Krysstal knows Jo Krysstal
    5. Jo Krysstal knows Rick Snot
    6. Rick Snot knows Phineas

    Exactly 6, doesn't work.
  • @Zarekan Thea knew Neena who new Romulus who knew Jack Krystall who knew Jo Krystall who knew Phineas. Thought it would work but alas.
  • I've seen a surprising amount of Jack and Jo Krystall... Justin is actually a secret Phineas fanatic :evilsmile: 
  • What about the people stuck in the realm of holding?
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     @Gent ;I know it sounds odd but, technically Trandon Barringster works if only referring to the relationship tab... or he has never met Phineas?
  • @Timedagger100 So that's 3 then.....

    Damn, it feels weird since a lot of the characters in the same party never actually interacted.
  • @Zarekan
    They met Duke Daring.
    Duke Daring knows Nisovin
    Nisovin knows Virgo
    Then Virgo and Phineas

    Even the guys trapped in the realm of holding are connected! Phineas is everywhere.

  • Is quitting an option?
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    I almost said the nueron campaign, then I remembered nisovin
  • Drinks and dragons, check!
  • I don't think any canon charters are 6 away. Not even gobos is safe from Phineas
  • Phineas is actually a divine, it's been decided
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    I've gone through all the campaigns and none of the player characters work for this, there may be some npc somewhere, but all of the player characters connect to Phineas in 6 or less. 
  • @ShadowPoow Weeeellllllll
    1: Trandon met Coober
    2: Coober was freed by Phineas to fight porcs during the Sunswords (disguised as Rebooc)
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    Morganna Marie?

    EDIT: Shit
    Morganna to Raynel
    Raynel to Niso
    Niso to virgo
  • @kreeperkiller63 Pretty sure non-cannon things don't count, but if they did that I guess would work.

    Anyway, there is also the Battle of the Bards party I think, for a canon solution.
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