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The Bloodstone Fists (Weekly Character Creation Prompt #1)

I really like the new character creator they have on the website, and I got an idea from the create your own Grand Paladin Character, because before I made a few character I didn't really know anything about them, they always felt like a random mish-mash but when you have to build the character around something that makes it a lot more fun. So I'm going to give you guys a Scenario, and you guys need to make a character to fit that, providing a backstory for them as well. 

So here we go, here's the Prompt!

On the outskirts of Bourghen, a Large Dwarven Town, there is the Hideout of the Ruthless Local Gang, the Bloodstone Fists. They love to wreck havoc on the local towns, robbing, murdering, and pillaging everything in site. They are lead by a Dvergr Dvergr who goes by the name "Cain," a once Honorable Captain turned Murderous outlaw. Whether out of fear, bloodlust, or boredom, you work under him pillaging and raiding the nearby towns for pleasure and money.

If this is a popular thing you people enjoy doing, I would love to make this a Weekly Thing on the Forums. Have fun!

(Edit: Seems like it is so I'm gonna definitely make this something I do every Wednesday.)


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    This is Zip Targorn
    Zip travels between different bands frequently, as soon as he detects trouble coming. He never stays in one place long enough for people to start asking question, cause he wont answer 'em. Closest thing to a past he has is his Gerrymander, Spike, who's been with him longer than anyone knows him. He started his career as an EXP brewer in a backwater desert town, but blew up his lab in an accident. After that, he lived with Spikes old pack in the desert caves for a while, slowly becoming more feral and less civilized, surviving primarily off of bugs and the occasional fish. Somewhere along the way he was picked up by some crimelord or another and got back into the brewing business, but still seems to be always angry at some force or another. Though he's been with the Bloodstone Fists for a while now, he's still always ready to up and disappear whenever its needed.
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    horris de borris 

    he's a dvergr who's was originally hired by the gang when it was first starting up but horris ended up enjoying the life of a bandit and all of the loot he'd get from it so he stayed a member of the gang. he still goes on jobs as a mercinary and will leave once in a while but he always returns back to the gang so he can plunder more.  his gobolf was just a random thing he found while they we're returning from a raid and he kinda just likes to mess with it by shooting at its' feet to make it dance etc. if it ever tries to run away though he's already told it that he'd shoot it through the skull. 
  • i think this thread is pretty good and I'd be willing to give it a shot  :)
  • Heres my character, Amy!


    She was abandoned as a child, and raised herself, starting as a thief. She was rather athletic, and er, certain assets she have proved a boon in the life she lived. She eventually managed to get work as a barista, where she managed to save enough money to get some clothes, and practise mixing drinks and potions. 

    She was happily working at the bar, content with charming customers and serving drinks, before the Bloodstone Fists came along. Cain knew he was in charge, as he always does, and saunters in the building. He takes a whiff of the drink, and decides to order. It's a natural tense moment, but Amy is spunky, and serves him up some Freezing Bomb, and then proceeds to fight Cain. Cain gets in a blood-rage. but Amy manages to fight of both Cain and his companion; most of Cain's gang is in the bar, watching the fight. 

    Eventually the Sheirff of the town arrives, and tries to arrest both Amy and Cain. The Sheriff has brung reinforcements, as the Bloodstone Fists are notorious. After being Manhandled by the sheriff and with a gun to her head, Amy took a potion from her bag of holding stashed between her breasts, and smashed it on the sheriffs head, starting a huge bar fight. 

    After the bar was smashed, she had no option other than to follow Cain - she does so begrudingly however, and still has a lot of her dignity. She commonly uses the Bloodstone Fists as tests subjects for her latest concotions and alcohols. 
  • Ketras_Dionen

    (ooc, umm, yeah... I think that She is the leader of this gang, unless he is blind, which isn't on his character sheet. but up front, he's the leader) 

    Kentras was always a little... different. This could be from her upbringing, as she was born close to the top of the tower of Ultimate wizardry. Whenever she was (the equivelent of) 16, she finished the climb, and met Quintara Lotus herself. Now, she only wanted one thing, and that she got, she wanted everyone to serve her. In this, the dragon aspect made her a medusa, and she went down the tower.

    She loved this new power, and built herself up as an incredibly powerful force, and any who went against her, were to only look into her eyes. If she ever got bored, however, she simply told them to kill themselves or destroy nearby towns, killing anyone in them.

    She attuned this ability in learning how to cast spells through allies, or enchanting her magical ice lance, or freezing time entirely.

    One day, she met a man who went by the name, Cain. She did the same she did to others, but she was getting bored, and so, she forced him to make a group of outlaws that she would participate in, and run, but not in the limelight. 

  • Horis Balluga:
    He is the half-brother of the royal messenger of one of the Elven Royal courts, and would often travel with his brother as his brother carried messages throughout the kingdom. In this life he became used to waiting on his brother to relay messages. One day he brought the family pot puppy, Sparks, along on a trip with his brother when the gang appeared and killed his elven brother. Horis, being a dwelf, was spared by Cain. Cain made Horis the errand boy/messenger for the gang.
  • Keiara_Kemiah

    It is a rare sight indeed to get anywhere near Keiara, as the young dwarf tends hides from the outside world, locking herself away from social situations and keeping closely to herself. Really, not much is known about her past. She stumbled upon the group utterly by accident, her ink black raven and bone commander at her heels, passing out before them in nothing more than scraps of clothing, a warm coat, the child's face tearstained as she clutched an encyclopedia to her chest. No one ever came looking for her, or at least, the gang never told her if they did, raising her to be a weapon, if not on her own strength, on that of her companions and the Ageless minions she could summon. Safe to say, she had killed far more than she could count before she even fully understood the implications of her actions, rags traded for power and riches, but at what cost? Of course, it's not like she'll ever leave, no matter the fear the group and her own powers strike into her very soul. After all, where else does she have to go? A dwarf who can summon Ageless, with a damned companion to boot isn't likely to be accepted in normal society. So instead, Keiara stays, still flinching at random noises in the dark, her eyes trained towards the ground around her peers, someone with no goals, and an unknown past, little more than a reclusive weapon controlled by fear of what might lurk in the shadows surrounding her.
  • Lakkar Poi

    Lakkar Poi otherwise known as just Poi was a typical city rat. Poi had never known his parents, and grew up believing the world hated him for it. Growing up in the city having to steal to survive made Poi not trust anyone or anything. To get by Poi would steal from just about anyone and either try to pawn off what he stole or just keet it for himself. Thieving wasn't the difficult part, he had an invisibility cloak he had stole from an old beggar who was using it as a blanket. He didn't know it was an invisibility cloak, it was a freezing cold night and the beggar was snoring too loud to notice when he snatched it for himself. Poi had always hated the cold.

    The only person in the city Poi wouldn't steal from was a street performer. This street performer danced with fire, wove it like cloth, it seemingly bending at his will. The Fire-Dancer became Poi's mentor, trying to steer the child off of the thieving route. It was working, Poi became so engulfed in the beauty of the flames, he would practice it for hours on end. One afternoon, walking to their practicing area in the park, Poi saw his mentor lying on the ground, in a beaten pulp. He had been mugged by a local gang, and when he told them he had nothing, they punished him. He would not survive the injuries. Distraught, Poi went back to his old habits, not having a single person he could trust or call a friend.

    One day Poi bit off more than he could chew, attempting to steal from the Bloodstone Fists, the same gang that killed his only friend. To get payback, he decided to do the only thing he knew how, but was apprehended in the middle of attempting to steal a giant magic-looking stone. He tried using his invisibility cloak to get away but a giant creature made out of what appeared to be flesh and bones grabbed him. The leader didn't want to hurt Poi, instead he had a proposition. He would let Poi live and even join their gang if Poi stole something for them; a Cursed Book from the Fortune Teller. The Fortune Teller had been too powerful for the gang alone to handle, so they needed to employ someone with an extra set of skills. Having no other options Poi decided he would help them.
  • (Introduction from perspective of character)

    The name's Six. I don't talk about my past, but that's none of your business. Let's just say Cain saved me, and I respect him. If you cross Cain, you cross me. If you cross me, I will shoot you. Before I kill you, you will feel pain. You will know the suffering that Cain can save you from, and you will beg for his help. Except you betrayed him, and he is not as pleasant as me. The name's Six, but you only get one chance. Don't cross us.

  • (Very dark/creepy warning)


    Sorotese is a Jester that is skilled at using dark magic, and entertaining children. Sorotese's main motive in helping the Bloodstone Fists is so he can abduct children to physically and mentally fuck with them.
  • Phatso The Porc

    Phatso The Porc also known as Trash bin Phatso was a slave who was saved by Cain.
    Others see him as just a big fat dumpster that just eats and eats and thats true.
    Phatso sees Cain as his savior and would eat anyone who gets in Cains way.
  • @Blaidd_Golau_
    Ah yes, the you're supposed to be an underling yet you got the medusa card. I remember in a campaign I got both the daredevil and medusa attributes.
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    Kzarig is an rather... mysterious figure... He is an ageless, whom has lives thousands of years, and bore witness to the previous occasion in which the Elves had imprisoned his master for his scales. Seeing his master fall once again, and the Elves construct a mountain upon his body, he left, seeking allies whom he could eventually trust to work with him in the servitude of the Aspect of Death, with his skin upon his face to conceal himself.

    For an extremely long time after that, he had been wandering, on a mission to find strong and reliable allies whom shared his passion for serving the Great Harbringer of Death, to no avail, as many of the towns that he had stopped in showed no interest in what he had to say. One day, it truely snapped within him, and the next town that he came across faced his wrath. Few survived his onslaught on the small Gnomish village, whom will forever be unnamed after the bloodbath which Kzarig had wrought upon them. Multiple towns and villages suffered this fate, of an unhinged terror whom showed no mercy to anyone in his wake.

    Who knows how long since then, he had reached the Dwarven City, Bourghen. And to his surprise, mere moments after he had entered the town had he been approached by members of the Bloodstone Fist, unaware of the monster that laid infront of them, whom had begun to attempt to thieve from him. He left his mark on those men, as in One fell swoop, he swung his mighty axe, and three heads fell from their body. Those whom had been with the three who had lost their lives so effortlessly was given a message for their leader, Cain.

    "Do not mess with me. I have Killed many like you, and worse. If you wish to waste your pitiful life on trying to scavenge petty gold and silver from me, go ahead. But i assure you, your death will be Long, Cold and Very, very agonising."

    They very quickly scrambled, knowing that, even when outnumbering him 15:1, they stood no chance. And so, they brought the attention of this monster, whom had killed the leaders of their small squad as if they were made of paper, to Cain, whom instead of showing fear, was infact rather fascinated by this. As such, as the Evening fell, Cain and a couple of his gang found Kzarig, with a proposition for him. To join their gang and become the most dangerous group of criminals in all of the nearby realms, and to show his crew how to truely be criminals...

    And Killers...

    And so, Kzarig joined the Bloodstone Fists, seeing it not as the chance to make himself wealthy, or out of just the thrill of the kill... He saw it as his big chance... These lowly criminals have seen his strength in battle, and despite only being around for hours in the city, they look up to him, and seek his knowledge and combat prowess... They would constantly come to him for combat advice, which he would grant, using the techniques he uses himself in order to achieve his power, not enclosing that his combat style wears him down over time.

    They even begun to bring him gifts for his help, Including a stray Pot Puppy they had found. Normally the Fists would beat down upon a creature like that without hesitation, but they decided to give a particularly ferocious one they found to Kzarig. And it worked well, with him naming the puppy Toothgnasher, whom he even managed to turn into an ageless puppy... somehow... and has been a loyal companion to him since. The gang very quickly warmed up to Kzarig, and he rapidly became some of the highest-ranked individuals within their gang...

    What better group to slowly manipulate to become your greatest allies, in the work towards converting the crew to become his own, and one-by-one turning this crew of Dwarves, like he once was, into Ageless like him, and into working towards his ultimate goal.

    The Awakening and Empowering of Golestandt...

    And those who refuse him turning them into ageless like him? Well...
    Let's just say maybe they won't have a choice, when they come face-to-face with the Ashes of Phanto...
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  • Rariel_Aidora_

    Rariel is a smaller dwarf who was quiet when she was in school. She was constantly bullied for her size and was insecure until she realized her amazing skill with her brother's (well, one of her many many brothers') longbow. When she first stole it from him, she was already skilled enough to be able to fire it fairly accurately. Rariel's father saw this and decided to drop her out of school to practice archery full time. She was signed up for a sketchy program one on one with some guru in the woods. This guru, a dwelf named Skorges, trained her in aim and also some magic, mostly ice magic because it was hot outside and he thought that would help. After her training, Skorges received word from his "boss", Cain, that he needed fire power after losing people in his latest failed raid. Eager to get some field practice, Skorges and Rariel hurry to meet Cain and the Bloodstone Fists at the rendezvous point for their next raid and since then, they have been integral to the gang. 
  • snoot_the_stealer_of_life

    Snoot is wanted in many lands, for he is a mass murderer known to use some of the darkest of arts. so he decided to lie low in cain's crew, while simultaneously working on his "experiments" with death, ageless, and the state of one's soul. most of his experiments involve killing, and working in a gang suits him just fine. for now.

  • I would love to see more of these in the future perhaps with four races and six classes to choose from so we get some restrictions to work within Also probably put a date or week in the title so there's a record of when it was. Next comment shall be the character!
  • Meet Grandma_Stonefall The matronly chef of the Bloodstone Fists. She'll make sure you're eatin' right with her Neural Link Gun and Toady, her pet catapult turtle that she's had since she was seven years old she'll have you know. Been protectin' her back for nearly 200 years. nobody knows how old she really is. She resembles a raisin more than a dwarf nowadays.
  • Kirk_Patsi
    Kirk as a young lad was an honest boy all the time. Even when his parents were strangled in front of him by bandits. However, he was a complete moron not smart enough to know that his parents were actually dead. The bandits who killed his parents and took all the valuables took Kirk in to become a bandit, by making him start shooting people for a living. He later ended up in the Bloodstone Fists despite his damn stupidity below average intelligence.
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    Raudig was an abused child. His parents would use him for drug deals and to do the dirty work for them. Every day they would beat him because "He wasn't like them, he hasn't done anything important in this realm". And everyday he would have to endure the suffering from that. Until one day, he was sent out by his father to send some E.X.P to his uncle. They were supposed to meet at the river, but when he arrived at the spot where they were going to meet, he saw a Huge Raskum Bite his uncle, killing him in the process and look at Raudig in the process. Raudig was horrified after seeing that.
     He ran away back home, knowing that he would get punished because they wouldn't believe him, but he was thinking about something "That beast I saw earlier (Raskum), he bit on my uncle, and it just stopped him, it just killed him. I wonder if I can use that like that be- No. Father would punish me" 

    When he got home, he got what he expected. His parents beat him up, but after a few hits, Raudig bites back, and before the father could swing his bottle on the teen, the Raskum bites the Old Dwarf and kills him. Raudig was thankful of the Raskum, and they protected each other since then.  But ever since he bit his father, he felt like he wanted more, more blood, flesh, "food".

    After many years of murder and carnage, he heard about this gang called "Bloodstone Fist". He thinks that this group would be a great way for him to satisfy what he is craving.

  • I'm loving reading through the cards and bios, I'm definitely going to be doing this as a weekly thing  >:)

    It's a lot of fun to make these prompts, and I wanna keep going with it.
  • I kinda wish that we would make a campaign and use some of these characters, and have the rest as NPCs. Just because, that would be great, in my opinion at least.
  • I would love to as well @Blaidd_Golau_ honestly I don't mind, and I doubt most others on this forum really would if they made a campaign around these characters. And we have a campaign forum too so yea
  • damn I really want to make a prompt so bad now. Anyway here's my dude, he rolled a 20 on Gold and was able to start with 1400 Gold, ending up with an average 76 Stamina. Since Jester was my Cornerstone, I picked Sea Chef by impulse alone.
    Aldho is a self-proclaimed master chef who is actually quite talented in working with new recipes as well as the ones he knows. He is always trying new things every day, and with the help of his two companions, the sous chef Corey (the Elven Paladin) and the saucier Carver (the Porcin' Theurgist) he is ready to take on any cooking challenge thrown at him, even cannibalism if it really has to come to that. Jesus, guys, none of that stuff today alright?

    He is not nearly as bloodthirsty as the others have thought him to be, but he has demonstrated his skills in his preferred support and catering roles quite well (thank you, Archmage Staff) and both his Companions are useful in ways other than cooking, you can use your imagination to figure that out.

    To be honest though once he's made enough of the $$$$$ he's going to quit the job and move to a peaceful, well-defended Dwarven town to start his own four-star restaurant. He doesn't intend to tell any of the others about this, especially the last part.
  • So I rolled an 8 on my gold and I struggled for a while with the random classes I drew along with my cornerstone and attribute until I got some help and now I think I may have the dimmest bulb of the group, kind of ironic.


    Traveling with a band of righteous warriors Tucker Polsh acquired a name for himself as a caring soul who would heal anyone in the battlefield, though he’ll defend himself in battle if necessary. Many times those Tucker healed joined the party and became close friends. This lead Tucker to believe that the light has touched all souls and that the light can be brought out in all people with enough time, however his friends disagreed with this idea, leading to Tucker leaving the band. Tucker still remembers the last conversation he had with his closest friend Sue Tun.


    Tucker Polsh had begun: “One day there will truly be peace when everyone learns of their true potential for good”

    “Haha, you really don’t believe that do you Polsh?”

    “Of course I do, everyone has the light within them,”
    “Ha, even the Bloodstone Fists, doubt it,”

    “Even them,”

    “*snort* prove it,”

    “I will”

    “Wait what?”

    “I’ll bring out the good of them,”

    “No that’s not what I-”

    “Thank you Sue, I know my purpose in life,”

    “Wait Tucker no-”

    “Goodbye Sue!”


    And thus Tucker set off to meet the Bloodstone Fists. When he first came upon a member of the gang the member demanded all of Tucker’s items which he readily gave the member as a gift and then followed the member whom could not convince Tucker to leave. Knowing of Tucker’s reputation the boss Cain accepted him into the gang and though Cain thought he would need to force Tucker to sign the blood oath contract Tucker signed it as soon as it was offered. Quickly the gang grew tired of Tucker’s talk of inner light and inner morality, though he was still a great healer and capable in battle so Tucker was allowed to stay around. Frequently, especially after raids, Tucker will convince some members of the gang to sit down with Tucker’s pot puppies and attempt to have the members talk about their inner feelings. Tucker is also quick to cast the spell Final Light to see if on their deathbeds his new team were truly good, and he is often disappointed in their last message.


  • Zyra
    Zyra is a Kobold from the island city of Faerthas, she trained in Ice magic at the Hall of Balance, and was assigned Darkness to be her Balancing element. She has embraced her dark nature and her Grand Task, which was to find a true champion of disorder and help him achieve his goals. She left her family after her Grand Task's assignment, and since then has become pretty much a pocket healer for the Bloodstone Fists. She frequently is seen staring into the darkness and flames after a raid, and whenever a crewmember is lost, she is known to cry for days on end. She is much more volatile in this state, and frequently shirks her healing duties to avenge those who have taken her friends.
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