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What avatar are you saving for?

As someone saving for one of the 6000g avatars who didnt buy a t-shirt I was wondering what avatars everyone is saving for and why? If you already have the avatar you want then feel free to tell us why you chose it. 


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    I have trandon right now, and I'll probably keep this avatar, maybe once I get 3000 more gold I'll change it to Templeton, I love roamin's characters the most
    i would be saving for a Patrick Cake, but that avatar doesn't exist
  • Im savin for Porbo!
  • @Crash Yay for porbo!
  • I'm saving for either K4/Bumbley, Jax Blartowitz, or Merci.
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    I have what I want, I personally don't like the character avatars, I'd rather have one that I can interpret my own way and all teh character avatars already have their own personality

    I know it's just an image and it doesn't really matter, but that's that.

    Other than this one, I'll just be saving my money in case a new avatar that I want comes up in the future
  • No, I totally understand you on that one. Having a general idea or blank slate to work off of leaves a lot of room for making cool characters. Whereas someone like K4 has a history and stigma behind him. @Nyss
  • i have mine...
  • I went through a lot of the characters to figure out which ones were my favorite and most of them ended up being porcs so I figure I'm just gonna collect as many porcs as possible. I'm gonna start with Porbo then make my way down. I really hope new avatars happen at some point because the list is missing a lot of the ones I like.
  • @Eric I'm going to end up doing the same thing, but with barringsters 
  • i wanted to save for phineas or one of the more expensive ones but ended up breaking down and buying a keen because i find the porcs to be rather ugly.
  • I am saving up for Galen because we have the same hair.
  • I chose Octivias because I figured less people would choose him and I wanted to be unique. 
  • I'm saving for Lann Mcroberts
  • I want Are'ani because she looks super cool
  • Dwelf, fits my character better
  • I got Borracho. I'll probably save for Orvan next, then Gracias after that.
  • Saving for mah boy Karl Landers shirt(ish) term. Long term, definately phineas
  • I considered saving up for Maelstrom, but I don't have the patience to save my money that long so I caved and bought Borracho. I also got Vitali on day one and was using him for a while, but I like the Borracho avatar better. I'm not sure who to go for next, probably Orvan Weiss or Lunk. 
  • Personally, I'm saving for Empusa, or maybe one of the other 6000 gold avatars. It'll be a good while before I get there but i'm sure it will be worth it. 
  • I'm saving for one of the two 10,000 gold Sunswords.
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    I'm saving for Maelstrom unless Kallark is released. Kallark is the bae. 

    Edit: Buying a shirt goes a long way for those 10k's. 
  • @JukeInTheBox
    Kallark is pretty cool.
  • @Lord_Fifty
    And I'm only gonna love him more after this campaign. Every time I watch the Paladin Order animatic, I get chills at the end with him Gwenyth, Vitali, and Alessa going out to fight the Ageless. 
  • I already got the one I wanted, but I will just be saving the rest for future avatars that I like.
  • I would also buy a Duke Daring one if it was available, as he is the man who needs no introduction. 
  • After saving up for about 2 weeks, I was finally able to buy Borracho but I switched to Gracias last minute.
  • Saving for a 10k, probably will get Phineas. I'm just 1,000 ish gold away :drunk: 
  • Nice!@CookiesAndMil_
  • Kinney is my girl, if not her though i was gonna get Virgo. I mean I still can but probably won't.
  • Just Got Galen!!! If you save you score!!!
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