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I haven't registered to a message board in forever, but when I use to roam them all the time there was always a music discussion thread! So post in here and tell everyone about any new albums/projects from your favorite musicians!

I haven't listened to Logic's new album "Everybody" yet, but I have heard good things. Some of my favorite musicians though are Noname and Smino, two rappers pumping life into music from Chicago.


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    This is a majority of muisc that i listen to
  • Game soundtracks like this little gem have been on the rise lately: 
  • I almost exclusively listen to classical music from between the 1600s-1800s. Not much to report that is new from there I am afraid, however, I must say Tchaikovsky is always pleasant.
  • I mostly listen to Video game and anime music. Some of my favorite tracks are from games like Xenoblade X and Pokemon (both games and anime). Music from anime for me comes and goes from season to season but I will go back to things like "Sorario days" from Gurren Lagann and the English Rendition of Noragami Aragoto's OP - "Hey Kids!!" by LeeandLie.

    Big fan of music filled with fun energy and occasional attitude.  ;)
  • The DnD subreddit had a post a while ago about music OP used in his campaigns, I actually saved it and then never checked it out until now, but its worth looking into!
  • @CookiesAndMil_  that link is top notch! I'll definitely be taking advantage of some of those when I finally GM my first campaign.

    On the whole NOFX's First Ditch Effort is pretty great if you're into punk rock.

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    @Val ;
    NoFX is my favourite band to listen to when going to the gym. Being on the last part of The Decline on the last machine is always an epic feeling. I try and time it perfectly. Fat Mike is also a killer bassist. Second best Punk bass player. 

    Couple of songs on the album you put are kind of meh though. Oxymoronic is pretty creative with lyrics but falls dead musically. Love some of the faster ones on the album though. Generation Z is also great. 
  • @Shuckle  He definitely is a killer bassist, but I am curious as to who you place as the best.

    I only mentioned that album because OP mentioned new albums. My most listened song from them is Franco Un American so i'd say thats my favourite I guess, but as a 'nice Australian' maybe i'm biased :smilebold: 

    I agree with you on Oxymoronic, plus it's hard for me to support the message behind that song. I love Six Years On Dope from that album though. 
  • I love me some Ronald Jenkee's

    Listen whenever I am at work or playing games.

  • @Val ;
    Matt Freeman is hands down the best. I even heard he plays some stuff for Mike on recordings.

  • Does anyone listen to Steampunk or Dark Cabaret? Like... Steam-Powered Giraffe, Dresden Dolls, Reverend Glasseye, Jay Munly, Birdeatsbaby..?
  • @Val totally went on a NOFX listening spree since I seen your post. I forgot how good they were!
  • I pretty much have only listened to SiIvaGunner for the past year. I've found that I enjoy mashups by TripleQ the most.
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    Gotta love me some electro swing.
  • Recently I've been listening to a lot of Gorillaz with the release of their new album, I really love it :)
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    So personally, I think this year has been kind of a let down in terms of new releases. However there is one album I'm so excited for and the singles have been really good. The Mountain Goats are releasing a new album on May 17 titled Goths. There has been 2 singles released 'Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds' and 'Rain in Soho'. I think Rain in Soho is one of Mountain Goats best songs ever.

  • i have been listening to a majority of persona 5 music recently, Shoji meguro is amazing... because i am obsessed with that franchise... Other than that i listen to alot of power metal and anime music, specifically the band 'man with a mission' which has yet to disappoint, that and i listen to punk rock from time to time.
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    I absolutely love movie scores, game scores, classical ect. I have a playlist of some of my favourites and I'm always adding to it.
    "Your Father Would Be Proud" from Rogue One has got to be my favorite right now 
  • What's the best gig people have been to? My personal favourite was Exeter during Muses' Psycho tour in 2015. They played some rare songs and even the ultra rare futurism which had only been played like twice before the tour. Plus it was the first time they played Muscle Museum in about 8 years. Don't even care that I had to settle for a non-standing ticket to go.

  • Dolls of new albion. May misspeled it. I love the bands you mentioned and this thing is amazing. @snarkyslytherin

    Twisted by starkid is amazing as well.
    And if people don't mind german. This is a gem that I really enjoy.

    tanz der vampire
  • @phones101 Well Now I am addicted to the Swing 
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    @Coestar made me addicted to WillRock and Jake Kaufman's music 

    On WillRock's soundcloud there is a Undertale remix album that came out recently...
  • Speaking of undertale. Deadbones stream memories.

  • That new Gorillaz album is pretty dope  ~_~
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