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Alternate Universes (what could've happened)

So I had a pretty big thought about alternate stuff that could've happened. If we look back at the unused animation for the Silvermine Mountains (phillipe) being executed, unlike the other two options we had, it's not a very special event. It's not: "We just awakened the dragon of death from his slumber, and now the ageless threat has risen again" and it's not: "The porcs have gained superiority over the other races, creating potential race wars and destabilizing the world" it's just: "This one kobold some bandits knew and whose friends are all dead is executed." No one from Band of Thieves even knows he's dead. All the other kobolds were dead. It literally wouldn't create any new scenarios at all. I'm seriously thankful we didn't donate to that event. If we had, we probably would've gotten a Season 2 of Nisovin hiring more people to get Sun Keys, and MAYBE we would've worked our way to Dalfgan as our big bad guy, but we wouldn't have creation magic for him, the dragon aspects, or anything like that. It would've been Season 1: Season 2. And that would've gotten stale. Really stale. The overall narrative that Golestandt's awaking gave really jumpstarted the universe, in a sense. How the hell would you go from: "Oh damn Phillippe was killed after all!" to having all this shit about the sun and moon and the beenu and the hatching and the six fucking immortal dragons. The event we got was the best transition possible into a larger world. Thanks to all the fuckers that donated to it.


  • Another interesting one that could have happened was if the law had lost in the Buckaroos, which seems kind of small at first glance, but considering how present Galen has been throughout s2, and what seems to be s3, then it would have been totally different if he had died off, i feel.
  • @Blaidd_Golau_ Another big thing considering the Sunswords is what would happened if Gwyneth had been killed in Band of Thieves. Because Yumi and the gang were totally down for killing people, I don't think they would've been stupid enough to leave her alive if they managed to defeat her. That means that we may have even gotten to see Virgo sooner, and perhaps a revenge campaign where he hunted them down.
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