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So Bopen's Song

Does Bopen's Song (March of the Skeleton King or whatever it's called and the ballad as well from the Fall of Dundinborough) sound like the Game of Thrones opening song? Like I don't watch Game of Thrones at all but I was humming Bopen's song because I really like it and someone though I was humming Game of Thrones. Probably just random coincidence but either way, yeah.


  • It does
  • Yeah, but there are enough differences if you're familiar with both or just one  you'll think that's not how the song goes and may even correct someone when they're just doing a different song.
  • They are kinda similar but bopens feels very separate to me
  • The resemblance was uncanny and sort of uncomfortable when I first heard them. Gave me the feeling that sooner or later alot of GoT references would be coming up and I wouldnt get any of them.
  • Similar chord progression :) @TinyBomby
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