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The haikus got their time, now lets get in some awesome limericks!

Remember, a limerick has AABBA rhyme scheme and typically has 3 feet of 3 syllables for the As and 2 feet of 3 syllables for the Bs (so about 9 syllables for A and 6 syllables for B, but who's counting?)

Here's a little starter:
Remember the Skeleton King
He's truly a terrible thing!
And if you're a coward,
He'll see you devoured!
And we all know the terror he'll bring!  >_<


  • A Barringster went on a trip
    To stop the flesh weavers outstrip

    Being crushed by a monstrosity
    Is terrible for the mind you see

    And poor old Templeton got gyped!

  • edited May 2017
    A little boy wanted lots of traveling
    But that plan was unraveling 

    His cousin was much more baller
    He taught him the spell of fireballers shaving...

    He went insane pirating....


  • I don't want to sound like a dick
    But i'm not to fond of limerick
    I've felt this way since I was a boy
    Limericks I just do not enjoy
    Only now does it occur to me that I may me a Melodick!

  • @Lord_Fifty
    I'm sorry you just don't like limerick
    I made this because it was my pick
    Cause I'm not fond of haiku
    So I'm kinda like you
    But all forms of poetry are sick
  • @Ahtibat1
    You and I are like birds of a feather! 
    Most would say we should work together.
    So if you could be willing,
    and maybe spare a shilling,
    Then who knows, we could be friends forever! 
  • A am quite surprised now
    Like really im shocked, wow!
    That no one seems to like this thread
    And im really sad to see it dead
    So write some more limericks now!
  • ((@Lord_Fifty limericks are way harder to write!)
  • True, but they are super fun :smileporc: @snarkyslytherin
  • what the fuck Romin
    your luck is like that of an MC from Shounen
    you're new character is ridiculous
    so much stuff, you're char is as hard to beat as calculus
    seriously, his luck springs like a fountain
  • (sorry, limericks aren't my best form)
  • @Lord_Fifty ;

    Thanks for the help my good friend
    But it's fine if this comes to an end
    And sure it was short
    And I love your good sport
    But some folks just don't wanna send

    See limericks come easy to me
    It's almost like counting to three
    Been this way since a tot
    I just think and I plot
    Then a snap and a limerick we see

    And I know that it's hard for the others
    Made this for my poetry brothers
    But if it's too hard
    Or you're not a bard
    Then it's fine to just go read another’s

    (Honestly I'm happy to see any limericks at all! Love the other poetry posts too!)
  • Grand Paladins, Ageless thralls galore,
    Sunswords and Skeletons are at war, 
    But the day will soon end,
    With still nobody dead, 
    Because we don't know sh*t anymore.

  • Nisovin was a mighty gnome.
    Across the world he would roam.
    He built a wizard tower,
    To show off his great power.
    But someone kept crashing airships into his home.
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